skypefbEver tried to call people on Skype for Business just to find out they don’t answer because they are busy in a mobile call on their smartphone? Microsofts own Skype for Business mobile client only detects and publishes user availability for calls made from within the app it self. To eliminate this problem we invented NetProxy-S.

NetProxy-S adds mobile call status information in real time directly into the Microsoft Skype for Business system. Both Skype for Business Online and Enterprise Server is supported by the app.

Upon an incoming or outgoing mobile call the user status in Skype for Business will change to “Busy” and the users Note, which is customizable, will indicate, that the user is now e.g. “Busy on mobile”.

The result of NetProxy-S is that it provides a more correct overview of any users availability and leads to no more calls to users who are busy in mobile calls.

NetProxy-S increases user productivity, first call resolution and user satisfaction and gives corporations a much improved client perception of the company.

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After max. 24 hours you can download the NetProxy-S app from either Google Play or VPP iTunes and sign into Skype for Business.

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