Skype for Business Integration

Merge your mobile and desktop presence to put you in control of your communication and prevent interruptions when you are in a mobile call.

Plug and play

With our advanced server, installation and setting up the mobile integration in your Skype for Business has never been easier


With our expertise within the mobile presence solutions we will support and guide you to fulfil your needs


Our server is very flexible and allows you to build and use it exactly how you need it to work


See in real time when your contacts are busy, in a call or available so you know exactly when to reach them and avoid waisting time on unnecessary contact. 

Dantelo extends your Skype for Business solution with real time mobile presence activity.

We offer the most flexible presence platform with a lot of solutions for your business.

Communicate more effectively

Get mobile presence for your Skype for Business today. 

Automatically and manually show your colleagues that you’re busy. Work smarter by connecting your mobile system with your Skype for Business to increase the workflow in your company.

Be prepared to optimise your future communication

In the future we will support mobile presence for Microsoft Teams. Since this is still not possible we will wait for Microsoft to open the gate. 

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Don’t hesitate to contact us, let’s talk about your needs. 

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