Cloud technology

Netpresence is an intelligent cloud server that monitors all the mobile communication activity. 

A better communication solution for any size business

Our NetPresence cloud server extracts and mediates mobile presence from mobile networks and pushes it into the following systems.

NetPresence can also act as a mediation gateway between all systems.

Why opt for mobile presence?

Mobile presence visualizes employee activity and increases all around work efficiency

Improve the workflow

Easily see if members are busy in a mobile call, absent, in meetings or have their phone switched off. With this information at hand, it becomes easy to determine whether they can call the member, switch calls to them or determine which communication form is best suited.

Competitive advantage

Offer your customers a wider scale of products and features and obtain your competitive advantage on the unified communication market. Increase your customer satisfaction. 

Scales with you

The server is flexible and scales with the size of any business. We offer a lot of implementation opportunities and bridge building into other 3rd party PBX and communication systems. 

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