Mobile operator solutions


Most companies today require high standards of full mobility for their employees, which in turn places special demands on the company’s internal IT and Telecom systems can run smoothly with mobile operator systems and services in a single unified communications solution.

At the same time, mobile operators and other similar service providers looking for value-added solutions that can expand their service offerings by already introduced solutions to businesses.

This means that the need for communication solutions that deliver seamless business applications, enabling collaboration across a wide range of fixed and mobile devices has never been more relevant.

Presence is one of the cornerstones of unified communications solutions have a proven business model for enterprises and mobile operators. Early providers of basic mobile presence services that delivered free / busy information in various graphic systems have benefited from additional services increased their subscriptions, revenues, and heightened customer satisfaction, combined with a first-mover advantage and customer lock-in (lower churn) from those added services.

First preliminary studies show that the presence or common availability information may increase the productivity of the company and its employees by up to 10%. Converts to it to monetary terms, this implies a real cost savings for the company. It goes without saying that it increases the company’s satisfaction with the mobile operator’s solution and that this is something companies are willing to pay for.


With our products to mobile operators create new exciting solutions for use in the enterprise market.

  • With NetPresence – our cloud-based mobile presence server – mobile operators can collect and distribute mobile status information for use in receptionist solutions, switchboards and other IT systems which ensure a correct status display. NetPresence supports collection and distribution of mobile presence to a large base of existing third party PBX- and presence solution.
  • With ColleagueView – our smartphone switchboard and company phone book – mobile operators can deliver a prepackaged corporate main number switchboard- and corporate presence solution that simultaneously increases the productivity of the company, and enhances cooperation between people on the go and office.
  • With NetProxy, our latest mobile app which collects mobile presence directly from a mobile handset, mobile operators can avoid to perfrom sticky integration their mobile network via e.g. CAMEL, and instead offer a mobile phone based mobile status provider which works on both Android and iOS phones.
  • With NetPresence Skype Proxy – our server based mobile status plugin solution for Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync), mobile operators can increase the value of their mobile subscriptions in adding  presence exchange between the mobile network, third party systems and Microsoft Skype for Business or with any other telephony systems.
  • With NetProxy-S, our new mobile app solution on both iOS and Android, provides mobile presence information directly from the mobile handset and into Skype for Business. Mobile operators can thus provide a mobile presence bridge solution, for customers who use Skype for Business in parallel to their mobile phones, which increases the value of the customer and helps fight churn.