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Mobile presence for Skype for Business

  • Mobile GSM call status push directly into Skype for Business

  • See if your colleague is available on his mobile phone in Skype for Business

  • Never call a colleague unnecessarily on his mobile phone

  • We offer both a server and mobile app based solution

Pure mobile UC solutions

  • Increase business productivity

  • Combine all employees in one communication solution

  • Create mobility between employees’ mobile phones and various communications solutions such as Microsoft – Skype for Business, Aastra, TRIO

Mobile switchboard via the cloud

  • Pure-mobile switchboard that works on all mobile networks

  • Mobile-, calendar- and user -status combined in one solution for easy, quick and effective communication with available colleagues

  • Contact colleagues simply and directly from within the app via mobile voice calls, SMS, IM or email

  • Easy cooperation between people in and outside the¬†office makes your employees more efficient and save money

  • Works on Android and Apple smartphones